Get Inspired!!

Do you ever have a blank mind, when you go to create your content?

I was on the phone with a client and we were talking away. Then she was distracted by what her daughter was doing. Her daughter had come up with the idea of making a veggie person! As she was being a proud mamma of this adorable idea, my brain that never stops, had an “AHH HA” moment for a blog post. I always find kids creative and inspiring for ideas.  What a perfect example!! So, I asked for a picture when her daughter was done and this is a tribute to her inspiring example to all of us adults! :-)

I have worked with people on their business and social media. A common theme is where to get ideas and do you re-post it or create your own content. Then there is always the brain freeze when you go to write it and the time passes with nothing written. To help those that are searching for ideas, I offer the following 6 tips:

1. As you check your emails or browse the web, keep paper or a pc sticky note handy for ideas that come and go.

2. Re-post a good article, then add your thoughts or comments but make sure you give credit to the source!

3. Think of a theme for the month and four parts to write about within that theme.

4. Share your life lessons and experiences.

5. Use Google Reader, Google Alerts, and other sources to feed ideas into your inbox.

6. Be inspired by those around you and always be learning!!

Thank you to the beautiful girl who gave me this idea!! I will forward any positive comments to her mommy!! Or you can comment to her mom on facebook…click here