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Untangling Social Media!!

There are many who are confused about Social Media. Some have heard that other companies are doing it but wonder where is the value in it? I recently talked to my husband and he was of the opinion that it is mostly an overwhelming, time-wasting, confusing mess for anyone to get involved in! Now since I have been trained as a Social Media Professional and knew the value in it, my response was to wonder where he got such a messed up view of Social Media. I decided that since he only knew how to get into his email and found all the junk mail a waste of time; that what he did know would give him that perception.

I was in the middle of developing a presentation about Social Media at the time and let it slide for the moment. When I completed my project I had my husband look over it for anything I missed like grammar, spelling errors, etc… Now here is one of the funniest things that has happened in our marriage; my husband read through my presentation, gave me his notes on what I should redo, and looked at me very seriously as he said, “I think you should set up my profiles and blog/website online!” WOW, I was shocked by his response and he admitted that he finally saw the value of Social Media. He still felt it as the overwhelming unknown but that was because he now knew it was important but not “how to do it!” So I explained it in story/metaphors form to him and he got so excited that he didn’t fall asleep until after midnight because his mind was too excited about the possibilities of Social Media!

Want to know what he learned that caused such an amazing response? Just read my metaphors below and watch the youtube video I made of my presentation!!

Linked In – Chamber of Commerce  or Trade Show

Linked In is an online Chamber of Commerce, Trade Show, or place where business people meet. You wander around, meet other business people, shake hands (add connections), strike up a conversation, tell each other what you do, and exchange contact information. Instead of doing this in person with your physical body, you are now doing this with your mind online by looking at profiles, adding connections, sending messages, etc… So there is little difference about the process except the place you meet and using your vocal cords. When you connect on Linked In you should be focused on the other business person instead of trying to sale your product. When you make a request let them know why you are connecting with them and ask an opened-question that shows your interest in them! Make a friend then ask for an opinion, feedback, etc… to introduce your product. If they mention a problem and your product is a solution, then you can let them know like a business friend would.

Twitter – Party or Dance

Have you ever been to a party or dance floor where the music is loud, people are everywhere, you can wave to a friend or say a quick hello? Well welcome to the online party where you only have 140 characters to say whatever is on your mind or to ask a question! Your 140 ch. allows you to say something short and important. Your questions or info. needs to catch the eye because when you have over 100 followers/following and everyone is talking at once, your post may not stay at the top for very long and you want to get exposure on what you say! Getting retweeted is a great way to reach more of an audience. Usually people will only retweet a very good value message, excellent quote, or praise for their product.

Facebook – Potluck/Picnic/Backyard Barbecue

Many of us enjoy the outdoors with friends and food. If you have ever been to a potluck, picnic, or a backyard barbecue; then you know what goes on during that time. You sit around in fold-up/lawn chairs, catch up with friends, make new friends, and chat until you go home. Most conversations are catching up with friends and finding out what is going on in their lives now. With making new friends you have a conversation that eventually leads to  ”What do you do for a living.” You have longer conversations than at (Linked In) a chamber of commerce/trade show or (Twitter) a party/dance. You can post/say more on facebook about your thoughts.

Youtube – Your own free TV Channel

We all enjoy short or long family films that those “camera happy relatives” take with their video camera. It is a chance to see relatives in action and get to know them better. Youtube is like your own TV Channel online. You can record your thoughts, tips, advice, product promotions, presentations, lifestyle, etc… and post them for everyone to see. Now instead of doing email campaigns that only lets the reader get to know you through your writing, you can make a video and get known “visually.”  People can see your sincerity, honesty, or true nature more effectively, but beware they can also see a lie in your body language. So be honest in all of your dealings with other people.


Want to see the presentation that gave my husband a new perspective on the value in Social Media? I will be uploading it on youtube. Go here and subscibe to my channel so you don’t miss it!!  CanineBlindSide

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