Facebook Pro Set Up and Management

Technical Set-up

Professional Custom Graphics — $200 & up

You want your social platforms to look amazing, but you’re not a graphic designer and other services are too expensive.
Our design professionals create and optimize your branded graphics for the social web. Get the attention you deserve and make that first impression amazing!
We provide a complete suite of custom graphics based on your branding with backgrounds and avatars for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Pro Facebook Business Page — $250 & up

Now we’re talking! “Find us on Facebook” isn’t a cliché anymore. It’s where the conversation is happening. Get found and give ‘em something to talk about with your Super Pro Facebook Business Page.
Our team designs a custom Facebook Fan Page for your business.

Features include:

* Create or update your Facebook Business/Fan Page with a recognizable name, URL, information and more!

* Custom welcome tab: Welcome your audience the right way with eye-catching email opt-in forms, social media buttons and a welcome video from you!

* Custom Like reveal tab, Recommend Us tab, Shop tab, or three custom tabs of your choice!

* Branded banner photo: A must have! Brand your page the right way!

* Import your blog’s RSS feed: Keep your fans up-to-date by feeding your blog to Facebook!

* Add Twitter and YouTube tabs: One-stop viewing! Entertain and inform with Twitter and YouTube tabs.

* Link your Twitter to Facebook for easy status updates! Why post on one platform and switch to the other? You can do it all in one spot.

* Facebook strategy session to help you get the word out about your page! Nobody wants empty seats. Learn how to get fans!

Facebook Fan Page Management

Basic Package — $450/month & up
Your very own basic monthly social media maintenance package includes:
* Two – Three status updates/daily (client to provide content)
* Basic Fan Page maintenance and management
* Monthly strategic consulting
* Statistics & Reporting

Facebook Ads/Contest/Promotion Management

Basic Package — (15%) of Total Ad Cost

$500 = $75 cost for management

$1000 = $150 cost for management

$1,500 = $225 cost for management

$2,000+ = (15%) cost for management

* Basic Management for Ads/Contest/Promo.

* Statistics & Reporting

* Customer Service Management

(Creating graphics with tech. set up for an ad + facebook tab + 2 step reveal page = $75 & up)