When you love your work, time passes quickly!!

I’m not one of those hero women that like housework or are completely happy being the stay at home mom, wife, cleaner, etc…, I seem to have an odd bug for doing the tomboy things that used to belong to a man’s world. Luckily for me, my husband loves me the way I am and accepts my¬†entrepreneur¬†spirit that I have tried to ignore. I love being a mom and time just passes me by and before I know it my husband walks through the door. As time has passed we noticed that I grew restless and we have found out that business is where I fly like an eagle. I have discovered the purpose, passion, and drive for helping others succeed in whatever they are trying to accomplish. I always rolled my eyes at the quote “when you love your work, time passes quickly” but now that I get to experience it, WOW it is more true than I imagined. If you feel restless, then I encourage you to keep going because when you discover your purpose in life, you will be living a dream more than you could ever have imagined in your mind!!


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